Why Central Alberta

Business and investment opportunities in Central Alberta

Central Alberta is one of the world’s most attractive regions to own, operate, or invest in business. Across every industry, small, mid-sized, and large companies find great success. Here are eight reasons why Central Alberta is great place to do business.

  1. Investment opportunities

Central Alberta is located in the heart of Alberta’s economic corridor, one of the continent’s richest and fastest-growing economic regions. Whether you’re looking to invest in, buy, or start a business, Central Alberta is your land of opportunity.

Central Alberta: Access Prosperity is an economic development organization focused on promoting economic growth in the Central Alberta region. Representing over 40 municipalities along one of Canada’s most prosperous geographical corridors, Central Alberta: Access Prosperity is a comprehensive network and information resource. All this expertise in one place means we are equipped to answer all your questions about doing business or investing in Central Alberta.

Visit the Access Prosperity site for a list of current and past investment opportunities.

  1. Low tax rates

Central Alberta enjoys low provincial income taxes, low property taxes, and low gasoline taxes. The Government of Alberta has no capital taxes or payroll taxes, either. Living in Central Alberta is to your financial advantage.

  1. Location, Location, Location

Central Alberta is well-positioned in one of North America’s strongest economic regions. With easy access to markets by road, rail, and air, Central Alberta businesses easily serve regional, national, and international markets.

  • Three major highways pass through Central Alberta. The Queen Elizabeth II highway connects Central Alberta to Edmonton and Calgary and forms part of the CANAMEX corridor, which links Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Highways 1 and 16 run east-west, connecting Central Alberta to the rest of Canada.
  • Two rail services operate in Central Alberta: Canadian National and the Canadian Pacific Railway. Both operate transcontinental freight services and link up with the US rail network.
  • A high-speed rail service that would link Central Alberta to Edmonton and Calgary is being considered by the Government of Alberta.
  • International airports in Edmonton and Calgary are among the busiest in the country, with hundreds of direct of flights nationally and internationally. Centrally, Red Deer Regional Airport is the third busiest in Alberta, and municipal airports can be found throughout the region.
  1. Your money is worth more

Your money buys more in Central Alberta. Our region boasts some of the country’s lowest housing costs — and that’s combined with affordable food, low utility rates, and publicly funded healthcare.

  1. Your life is better in Central Alberta

Central Alberta is simply a great place to live. The low cost of living is just one contributor to the high quality of life. Add in friendly neighbours; great jobs with short commute times; world-class schools, colleges, and universities; and a healthy work-life balance. A TD Economics Special Report called the region the only place in Canada “to enjoy a US-style standard of living with a Canadian-style quality of life.”

  1. Fastest growth rate in Canada

Alberta’s population growth is much higher than the rest of Canada — and within Alberta, Central Alberta is the fastest-growing region. We’re the happy recipient of immigrants both from elsewhere in Canada and from overseas. This means that, as the workforce grows — providing you with high-quality, skilled employees — the local market will grow too. Two great incentives for investing in or operating a business!

  1. Welcoming communities

Alberta is welcoming place. In Central Alberta, you’ll find friendly neighbours in safe communities. And while that may make you think of idyllic small towns from a previous era, Central Alberta is also a diverse, multi-ethnic place with all the 21st century amenities you can imagine.

  1. Support for small business entrepreneurs

If you’d like to start a small business — or buy an existing one — you’ll find plenty of support for your endeavour in Central Alberta.