Green Energy Doors Open 2016 – Sept 9-11


GE Doors open button 1GEDO is an annual, province-wide showcase providing you with access to Decentralised Energy (DE) projects, businesses, manufacturing sites, education programs and other related initiatives. GEDO 2016 takes place over three days this year, from Friday, September 9th to Sunday, September 11th.

GEDO 2016 in Alberta is the result of a partnership between DEC and OSEA. This is the third year that GEDO is running parallel in Alberta and Ontario.

We encourage all users, producers and advocates of decentralised energy to open their doors in order to raise awareness, understanding and support for DE.

Our goal is to raise awareness, understanding and support for decentralised energy by providing people with the opportunity to visit, see, touch and talk about the projects in their own backyard.

GEDO showcases the most pioneering DE projects in Alberta. The initiative has significant impacts on environmental stewardship and education. GEDO event hosts in DEC’s network will open their doors to the public to showcase their success.

For those with Ontario business interests, OSEA will be hosting their fifth GEDO event the same days. If you would like to showcase your projects in both provinces please contact us to make arrangements.

Participating organisations and households will organise their own individual tours and events, while OSEA and DEC will provide back office support.

To host or find an event, go to:


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