Learning Here

Central Alberta is proud of the region’s education system which includes public and private schools. Year-round schooling and French immersion programs are just some of the other available options.

K-12 Education

Universally accessible education is provided through Central Alberta schools, operated by school boards, and overseen by the Government of Alberta. Free education is provided up to the end of high school for all citizens and permanent residents under 20 years of age. Central Alberta residents can choose from a wide range of options in public and private education.

Public School districts in Central Alberta:

Francophone Schools

Separate School Boards

Distant Learning

For information on distance learning in Central Alberta, please visit Alberta Education or Alberta Distance Learning Centre.


Post-Secondary Education

Post-secondary institutions in Central Alberta offer a broad range of technical and academic programming, and post-secondary courses. Whether students want to fast-track their way into the work force with a career certificate or diploma program, apprentice in a skilled trade or earn a university degree, our colleges are able to meet their academic needs. Continuing education, academic upgrading, and literacy programs are also available.

Here, you can get an affordable, high-quality education that will put you in good standing in the workforce. Flexible courses of study and programs means that job-ready education is within the reach of everyone.  

For more information on Alberta Post-Secondary institutions, visit ALIS – Educators.

Take advantage of ApplyAlberta This online system allows you to apply to one or more post-secondary institutions and transfer your transcripts between participating institutions in the province. 

Or, you can get an education without ever setting foot inside a classroom. Here are some e-learning options:

Be sure to check out more on distance learning in Alberta. 

The Community Learning Network is a nonprofit organization operating in Alberta that unites the more than 80 Community Adult Learning Centres (CALCs) in Alberta. These CALCs address the part-time, non-credit learning needs of adults within specific geographic boundaries — emphasizing literacy, ESL, and other learning gaps in Albertan communities. Find a CALC near you!